To celebrate the event 15 artists present their works, unique pieces that speak beyond their function as the words say more than themselves. The curves and the lines vibrate, the know-how of the hands outcrops and invites to a journey in time; the subjects are imbued with poetry.    

The Avant-Scène gallery is above all Elisabeth Delacarte whose expertise has been a reference for 30 years in the world of art furniture. Her outlook and experiences, as well as her choices, reflect the evolution of the furniture design in the past three decades.

The works that Elizabeth offers are highly acclaimed by experienced collectors, the media and international auction houses. Elisabeth Delacarte reveals the work of the artists she accompanies throughtout their creative journey. Each piece tells a story, like a functional sculpture that transforms everyday life into an exceptional moment.    

The most passionate aesthetes, inspired by the taste of Elisabeth Delacarte, asked her to extend her field of expertise to interior design. Through her services, she creates entire worlds which echo the special voice of art and furniture from her gallery.

More than an address, the Avant-Scène gallery has become an institution for all those who share its love of quality, fantasy, poetry and humor.    

30 years of love, meetings and deep friendships with artists Elizabeth has discovered, propelled, revealed. They responded to Elisabeth's invitation to create a piece as a tribute to Avant-Scène's 30th anniversary. Hubert Gall, Franck Evennou, Elizabeth Garouste, Mino, Mark Brazier-Jones, Vincent Collin, Andrea Salvetti ... are as many great names that are faithfull to the gallery.