Hubert Le Gall exhibition - 2005

In 1995, Avant-Scène presented the first exhibition of Hubert Le Gall with his famous flower tables and his baroque cabinets with the most diverse inspirations, like as many reflections of a constantly renewed personal research. His work shared between the realization of customized orders and his many designs of scenographies for the Museums, Hubert Le Gall has finally decided to take a moment to conceive, in complete freedom, this new exhibition.    

Today Avant-Scène exhibits exclusively more than twenty of his latest works, produced in limited editions of 8 or 25 copies. Once again, Hubert Le Gall has treated himself to this creation game, and if we even think he had fun, we quickly realize that his games are adult games! No more plant inspirations! (like his flower pot chair or his daisies tables whose success never fails). For this 2005 exhibition, Hubert Le Gall selected two directions: One is zoomorphic, but don't be mistaken: all these creations are not 'useful' animals but rather furniture or objects in mutation. Their shapes evoke or borrow. Seeing his red velvet chair, you wonder if it's your imagination or his that makes you see a whale, as it is both obvious and so slightly evoked. 

His "bull-closet", literally broken up into pieces, is sometimes furniture, sometimes animal. In addition to the presence of hoof-shaped feet (classic!) the ears of the animal are handles to this chest, the tail and the head posed as trophies are lock and tealight. As for the golden patterns that adorn the four faces of the piece, they evoke the abstraction of the entrails of the animal: we warned you that it was adult games! 

A chest of drawers 'Pi', with handles in the shape of 'nipples' (we do not know what animal!) are sensual clues to uncover the secrets of this piece of ebony. A "heron" floor lamp completes the inventory.    

The other source of inspiration is geometric abstraction, a sort of variation in curved shapes, such as these beveled nickel mirrors that fit into each other, or this surprising curved semainier in wood, resin and gold discreetly highlighted by a set of integrated lights. Each piece of furniture is an opportunity to go further, either in the search for form, or in the mix of materials (macassar ebony and blue mirror, straw marquetry...).    

Like most of his works, the "Azur" dresser is treated identically on all four sides - a kind of trademark that Hubert Le Gall likes to claim as a reference to sculpture. His originality, his fantasy, which nevertheless make some of his creations "timeless", lies in this permanent alchemy that combines a taste and a great culture of the tradition of furniture with a look always out of step, always ready to mock our classics or our furniture that are too "respectable" ... for him! Hubert Le Gall never ceases to delight us with his dressers ("Pi", "Azur", "Sun"), his lamps ("Night watch", "Irma", "Bonzai"), his carpets, his seats, his firedogs, or his mirrors ("Awaï", "Goutte" , "Domino")... Do not compliment him on the quality of his achievements - he works with France best craftsmen - but discover all the originality of his creation. A new birth in his work!