HUBERT le GALL EXHIBITION - Spring Bubbles 2016


the new exhibition of the artist Hubert le Gall from June 10 to July 14, 2016.    

Hubert le Gall is passionate about materials. It is in the continuity of his recent collaboration with the Champagne House Ruinart and his 12 glass sculptures, that the creator continues this new story around a material that fascinates him. The blown glass is light, spontaneous, poetic and sculptural. Hubert le Gall seizes it and surrounds himself with the know-how of French workshops for the creation of useful and luminous sculptures. Each piece is made in only three copies. It is a collection full of gaiety and fantasy, which is articulated around colored lamps with surprising dimensions (the lamp "UPUPA" in glass, wood and ceramic measures 70 cm in height), and blown glass vases.    

Around these lamps and glass cups, Hubert Le Gall has prepared new furniture, lamps and objects: a UPUPA bronze lamp post evoking its pedestal "fish spike", consoles spills or marble clouds, a pink mirror table and floral mirrors. A joyous and poetic universe in line with the creations that marked his work, but renewed in form.    

Avant-Scène and Hubert le Gall express again their complicity, born during the first exhibition of the artist with his famous flower tables (whose edition is now coming to an end) and his baroque cabinets with the most diverse inspirations , organized 20 years ago at the gallery. Once again, nature, flowers and animals are at the heart of the artist's inspiration and approach. Known for his associations of unusual ideas, play on form, light and colors, Hubert le Gall will invest the gallery of Elisabeth Delacarte with his free, joyful, sensitive and constantly moving spirit.