Poetic nature

First to exhibit his creations in Paris, Elisabeth Delacarte fell under the spell of Andrea Salvetti's art furniture. Overflowing the boundaries of design, the artist's naturalist philosophy imbues his creations with poetry and imposes his offbeat look.
Sculptor, designer, culinary performer, he was above all an artist inspired by the same source: Nature. His works freeze the organic beauty in metal, wood or marble and continue to surprise, with its mirrors-trunk, seat-leaf, tables-foliage or buffet-grove. 
His gallerist Élisabeth Delacarte describes her work as "the art of celebrating the plant kingdom and preserving its vivid beauty from the time trial". 
Andrea Salvetti created his furniture to accompany his dreams, dreams in which nature saves Man.



Andrea Salvetti in seven dates:

1967: birth in Bozzano, Tuscany, Italy. 
1993: After studying architecture at the University of Florence, move to Lucca (Tuscany) and creation of his sculpture workshop.
1996: first exhibition of cast aluminum armchairs. 
1999: 48th Venice Biennale, Italian Pavilion, art and gastronomy project. 
2011: "Natura e cultura", solo exhibition at Avant-Scène gallery (May), and "Cuppola", installation of a monumental sculpture, Place de l'Odéon (November). Paris. 
2012: "Domestic Nature", solo exhibition Design art Miami Basel, USA.
2015: "Metalli Vegetalli", solo exhibition at the Avant Scène Gallery, Paris.
2017: Death in Grossetto, Italy