Coralie Beauchamp is an ambassador of the handmade: for her it is an artistic as well as a poetic ethic. Her production is handcrafted, all the pieces are drawn and made in workshops in France, giving way to the slight imperfection that makes all the quality and charm fo her production. 
Coralie Beauchamp's lamps are also at the forefront of technology with their LED lights with variation. The material used for the lampshades is a composite: a structure made of glass fabric and a carbon braiding which is then laminated by hand with a anti-UV treated epoxy resin. The metal structures have a satin black epoxy paint finish, or are covered in yellow gold, moongold or palladium leaves. Sometimes leather is added.

In 2013 Coralie Beauchamp was awarded the Maison and Objet Discovery Award for her "Résilles" collection, a resolutely contemporary and upscale collection.



Coralie Beauchamp graduated in 1992 from the Charpentier Academy (French School of Applied Arts in Paris). 
She then goes to the United States for one year and acquires new professional experiences. Back in Paris, the Lanvin Haute Couture House entrusted her with the direction of visual merchandising, she remained there for 4 years. 
In 1998, she started her own company, designing furniture, lighting, and publishing under her brand. Passionate about the world of luxury, she also produced showcases for major French haute couture and jewelery houses such as Dior, Céline, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Cartier, Piaget, Chaumet etc.