Andrea Salvetti exhibition - Tra natura e cultura 2011

Tra Natura e Cultura from May 26 to June 25, 2011    

Andrea Salvetti was born near Lucca (Tuscany) in 1967. He studied there, the arts, then Architecture at the Faculty of Florence. Working at the same time in an architectural agency, he quickly realized that this activity is too conceptual and that he needs to be in touch and play with the material. In 1993, he set up his workshop in the hills around Lucca, and began as an artist-artisan solo artist. In 1996, he exhibited a set of sculptures-furniture, cast aluminum "Monozoo". In 1999, he participated in the 48th Venice Biennale, the Italian pavilion, where he presented a project on the relationship between Art and Gastronomy. The exhibitions follow each other, in galleries and museums. From 2007, he is present at Design Miami Basel. In 2010, he took part to the Milan Triennale, a great moment of meetings between confirmed artists (Mendini, Branzi, Pesce ...) and young artists. He installed his "Mazzolin di fiori" (bouquet of flowers).    

The work of Andrea Salvetti is not a designer's job, in the sense that a plan or a drawing is not enough for him. He needs to make his own project come true, from the idea to its completion; to experiment and modify it in the course of development; to select a material and a technique, capable of supporting the form and its expressive values. Sculpture and design find a harmonious synthesis.    

Andrea Salvetti lives close to nature and does not want to lose the link with "Mother Nature". Through some twenty pieces presented, Andrea Salvetti opens up a universe in which are found values ​​that are dear to the gallery: the poetry of sculpture and the functional, tradition and innovation, nature and culture. 

From May 26 his latest creations will be exhibited at the gallery : trunks of bronze trees in sumptuous finishes, which are storages / containers, nests that are armchairs, crates that are libraries, foliage shaped chairs, a crocodile turned into a deck chair...