The Gallery

Elisabeth Delacarte's Avant-Scène gallery is a reference in the world of art furniture. The works presented are acclaimed by the enlightened amateurs and the media, but also by the international salesrooms that confirm their ratings.

For more than 37 years, Elisabeth Delacarte has been revealing the work of the artists whom she accompanies in their creative journey. When she opened her gallery, she wanted it to be a showcase for their original creations. Numerous pieces have been designed and produced specifically for interior design projects (staircase handrails, bronze doors, custom-made pieces of furniture ...).

"The 80s were dominated by design. I was confronted to a universe of standardized industrial production and I had an immense need for unexpected furniture and objects, that would have that "extra piece of soul". The materials used are most often bronze, beaten iron, ceramics, plaster ... materials that are closer to the artists, directly worked by them or by craftsmen they associate with their work.

In over 37 years, the name "Avant-Scène", a wink to the proximity to the Théâtre de l'Europe, Place de l'Odéon, has become the heart of a district dedicated to the Arts. More than a gallery, Avant-Scène is an institution for all those who share its love of the exceptional, of fantasy, poetry and humor.

Elisabeth Delacarte

It is said she dreamed of being a music conductor, but for over thirty years, Elisabeth Delacarte has been orchestrating the decorative arts instead. Like an experienced music-lover, she has preferred solo performances to the orchestra pit, expressing her virtuosity in the framework of the Avant-Scène Gallery.

She faithfully defends her taste for baroque fantasy: a label she assumes as fully today as in the past. She sets herself beyond fashion and trends. Discreet and obstinate, Elisabeth Delacarte follows the path that she has carved out for herself, resolutely supporting the best that is produced in the decorative arts.

Elisabeth Delacarte also devotes her energy to a complimentary activity: interior design.

Sale of Elisabeth Delacarte's private collection - ARTCURIAL

The sale of Elisabeth Delacarte's private collection broke records, proving that the pieces of furniture sold in her gallery can be compared to the most highly rated works of art.

It is common for works from Avant-Scène to be sold in auctions for higher prices than those of the gallery.