Elizabeth GAROUSTE EXHIBITION - Univers onirique 2013

For this new exhibition, Elizabeth Garouste particularly explored a material that she had used very little until now: the resin. Very malleable and light, the resin allowed her to express herself with a new freedom. Associated with her favorite materials, ceramics, wrought iron, bronze and wood, Elizabeth Garouste explores and composes a fantastic world, strange, but joyful, colorful, naive and overflowing with charm. Nature, often present, has given way to a gentle madness to draw certain decorative elements. 

The resin has been worked without mold. The pieces will be produced in 8 or 25 copies, but none of them will be identical. Each creation, recovery, renewal, finalized by hand, will be unique. Elizabeth invites us into her dreamlike and poetic world. 

Elisabeth Delacarte.