FRANCK EVENNOU EXHIBITION - Au fil de l'eau 2014

Au Fil de l’Eau November 20 - December 20, 2014    

Elisabeth Delacarte presents Franck Evennou's next exhibition "Au fil de l'Eau" inspired by the aquatic world of plants.    

The exhibition, composed of about twenty functional sculptures, transports us to an enchanting world, where plants grow in the calm waters of marshes, where the mangrove reigns. There, the roots of the lotuses become chairs feet, tables or intermingle around a "star mirror" while leaves of water lilies metamorphose into a coffee table... Franck Evennou pays tribute to the aquatic world of plants. Driven by a creativity drawn from wild nature, he sculpts pieces of bronze furniture whose silhouettes constitute a fantastic and mysterious landscape, elegant and primitive at the same time. 

The interwoven roots of the mangrove impose a shifting balance to the collection. The branches, the flowers, the leaves, all the characteristic forms of this organic world are fixed by the artist's gesture, and propose a furniture that leads decorative art and craft towards art. The creations are edited in 8 or 25 copies and some pieces are unique like "Mangrove" pedestal tables whose slate tray is engraved by the artist, with each time a different pattern.    

Franck Evennou has exhibited at the Avant-Scène Gallery since 1991. The work of this unclassifiable artist has never ceased to evolve: "My drawings, my photographs, my furniture, my sculptures or even my jewels, all my work comes from the same approach. There are no boundaries between domains. During his last exhibition in 2012 at the Avant-Scène gallery, his creations were inspired by the volcanic world. For this new exhibition, Franck Evennou returns with his favorite inspirations, the aquatic world. At the age of 20, Franck Evennou learned to carve stone and wood in Leslie Kaye's studio, guided by research and the combination of raw shapes, patterns or symbols. This multidisciplinary artist expresses himself in sculpture, furniture, objects, jewelry, tableware and carpets. The authentic craftsmanship and primitive inspiration of the artist are felt in every piece produced by hand.