"The sculptor of emotions"

Sculptor, designer and scenographer, Hubert le Gall perfectly uses his palette to transform our world.

With fantasy this atypical artist mocks our classics or our "decent" furniture. His humorous approach, his illusion games, give a new meaning to furniture and decorative arts, and constitute an inexhaustible work basis for this 'sculptor of emotions'.

Hubert le Gall, monograph by Jean-Louis Gaillemin, Norma editor



Hubert le Gall in six dates 

1997: very 1st solo exhibition of art furniture, Avant-Scène Gallery, Paris 
2003: 1st scenography at the Grand Palais, Paris, Retrospective exhibition "Edouard Vuillard". He has since signed over 60 scenography projects for various prestigious museums. 
2005: solo exhibition at the Avant-Scène Gallery.
2007: solo exhibition at the Pavillon des Arts, Paris. with the Avant-Scène Gallery. 
2012: solo exhibition at the Avant Scène Gallery, "Hubert le Gall and his circus" 
2016: 1st exhibition of glass sculptures "Spring bubbles", Avant-Scène Gallery


2021: Exhibition "A Greek Fantasy by Hubert Le Gall" in Beaulieu-sur-Mer  

2021: Exhibition "L'Odyssée d'Hubert LE GALL"- Paris - AVANT-SCENE Gallery