Véronique RIVEMALE

A deliciously poetic ceramic

Declination around the vegetal world, plants, fleshy or graceful flowers, serrated coral of bronze and gold, copper-wrapped pistils, orchids rustling, lily of the valley, cadmium yellow stamen, acid green veins sometimes accompanied by an unexpected guest, insect-jewelry with iridescent carapace, the decorative objects of Véronique Rivemale in earthenware are deliciously poetic. 

A playful but extremely precise imagination is at work. Deformation, twist of clay, grooving, smoothing, enamelling and re-enamelling, cooking and baking ... professional gestures at the service of a creation that uses tradition to better play with it. The initial forms in still virgin clay are as many blank pages, pretexts for inventing light trees, monumental mirrors set with pearls and lace like a haute couture dress, or soft-enameled pedestal tables of satin black parent of golden buttons, and worked like jewels. 

Her objects always have a name, wedding vases such as "happiness", "sun lamp", "happy chandelier" ... Based on the passion of drawing, the pleasure of the line and the stories they tell us, the creations of Véronique Rivemale enchant us with their fantasy and elegance.

Claudie Laks



1990 Véronique Rivemale creates her own workshop in the Yonne region, in France
1990 Exhibition at the Gallery "En Attendant Les Barbares" and works for Frederic de Luca in his gallery rue Visconti. 
Participation in the exhibition "The Gardens of Christian Dior" in Granville. 
1999 Creation of candlesticks and objects for the shop of the Museum of Decorative Arts with Brigitte de la Cretelle
2008-2017 Galerie Gladys Mougin - realizations for decorators including Peter Marino for Dior, Chanel, Vuitton. 
2018 Artdesign Gallery, Jeff Lincoln, New York
2019 to this day: partnership with the Avant-Scène gallery with which Véronique Rivemale collaborated in her debut